Soft Play

Designed to suit the younger generation!

None of our competitors match our creativity when it comes to theming!


We can produce soft play environments incorporating your company’s characters, logo and colours, themed to reflect your brand, trade or character whether for B2B, shopping mall or a family entertainment centre; we can deliver the right product for your environment.

Depending on your requirements and space available, we advise customers to always include a dedicated soft play area that is for children under the age of 5 only.

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Typically, Soft play areas are designed with features and obstacles that encourage a child’s natural development via products which test balance, agility, cognitive and competitive play while being physically challenging and seriously good fun!

The use of visual stimulation is key to creating an interactive and entertaining soft play area and by using our unique printing processes we can create the ultimate enjoyment for children as proven when working with some of the largest entertainment brands in the world!


For more information about our soft play areas and how we can help, please contact us!

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