Bespoke play

Soft play equipment tailored to your exact needs!

Bespoke play areas are for customers who have specific requirements.


Here is a list of some of the installations we have carried out for other customers:

-          Bespoke private home play areas

-          One off event

-          Transportable soft play for traveling events

-          Bus conversions

-          Arctic lorry trailer conversions

-          Outdoor soft play for warm weather climates

-          Licensed soft play areas

-          Multi installation requirements

-          Television sets

-          Automotive showrooms and gifts

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Over the years we have designed, manufactured and installed soft play equipment all over the world, some of which has not been for commercial purposes nor on land!

With our reputation for being the most creative soft play provider in the market, we are frequently asked to help develop equipment for customers with unique requirements.


The list is endless for what we can create soft play areas for, it all starts with your idea!

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