Adventure Play

We can take a concept and bring it to life!

We make sure that your ideas are fully understood, you are the senior designer!


A creative use of graphics can transform a featureless unit into the most visionary play area, albeit pirates, space, western, jungle or famous characters, children will role play and fully immerse themselves in this "real world". Atmospheric play systems ultimately provide maximum fun and excitement to your customers.


Adventure play areas are large multiple level soft play areas catering for older children, they need to offer exciting play features to test the ability of children, they need to be themed to spark the imagination of each visiting child and most importantly they need to be FUN whilst being SAFE!

Our designers can create an Adventure play area to fit your space constraints by making maximum use of the space available. All designs are created with you in mind, whilst we focus on making sure your new play area is exciting for children, we also want to make sure it offers the maximum child capacity for maximum income at peak times for your business!


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